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Birthday: 12/7/2000

Favorite Food: Vanilla Ice Cream

Favorite subject in school: Science

Sports & Hobbies: Riding roller coaster & swimming

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Favorite thing to do: Play Video Games

Favorite Yoga Pose: Child's Pose

Favorite Classes: Special Needs Yoga, Tween Total Body & just every Kids Night Out and Camp he can go to!!

What I like best about Yogi Kids... Making New Friends!

Yogi of the Month


Name: Neve Webster

Birthday: October 10th

Class: Tween Yoga, Tuesdays

Favorite Yoga Pose: Half Moon

Favorite Food: Popsicles

Favorite subject in school: Art

Hobbies/Sports: Soccer

Favorite Book: The Cupcake Series

Favorite thing to do: Bake

What I Like Best About YK classes: games!


Name: Reed

Birthday: April 21st 2006

Classes: Preschool Play since 2012, Kids Yoga, Kids Night Out, & Camps

Favorite Yoga Pose: Cat

Favorite Food: Cake

Hobbies: Loves to play with cars & the Wii

Favorite Book: Curious George

Favorite Movie: Curious George 2

Best Thing About Yogi Kids: Playing with friends! And getting treasure chest!


Name: Tara Buddhavarapu

Birthday: May 15

Class: Storybook Yoga, Tuesdays

Favorite Yoga Pose: Downdog

Favorite Food: Bowtie pasta with Pesto, strawberries

Favorite subject in school: Math

Hobbies/Sports: Art/crafts and Soccer

Favorite Book: Go Dogs Go

Favorite thing to do: Do Art while traveling and traveling all over the world!


Birthday: August 16, 2005

School:Explorations Preparatory School- 2nd grade

Favorite Pose: Shoulder stand

Favorite Food: Pizza and Ice Cream

Favorite Subject in School: Science and Art

Favorite Thing To Do: Swim and Watch TV

Best thing about Yogi Kids Classes: Shavasana and Squishy Ball!


Birthday: 4/26/01

Favorite pose: the ones he makes up!

Favorite food: homemade chix nuggets

Favorite subject in school: Science

Hobbies: Lego

Favorite book: Little Quack

Favorite thing to do: make pottery

Favorite color: aquamarine

What I like best about YK: Seeing Ms. Liza!!!


Birthday: July 7 

Favorite Class: Storytime Yoga

Favorite Pose: Cobra

Favorite Food Chicken Nuggets

Favorite Subject in School: Math

Hobbies/Sports: Basketball & Reading

Favorite Book: Thrown of Fire

Favorite thing to do: READ!

What I like best about Yogi Kids classes: Learning all the different poses!


Birthday: July 19,2004

Class: Explorations After School

Favorite Yoga Pose: Warrior

Favorite Food Bacon

Favorite Subject in School: French, Music, Art, & Science

Hobbies and Sports: Lacrosse, soccer, tennis, legorobotics & YOGA!

Favorite Book: Captain Underpants Series

Favorite thing to do: Playing X-Box

What I like best about Yogi Kids Classes: Learning all the different poses


Birthday: 1/7/2003

Favorite Yoga Pose: Warrior

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite subject in school: Science

Sports & Hobbies: Taekwondo

Favorite Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Favorite thing to do: Play Mindcraft

What I like best about Yogi Kids... Ms. Liza!

Shruti & Ruthika

Birthday: April 25,2003 
Class: Liberty Elementary 
Grade: 3rd
Favorite Food: Pizza 
Hobbies and Sports: Yoga & Basketball 
Favorite Book: Ramona & Beezes 
Favorite Thing to do: READ! 
Favorite thing about Yogi Kids classes: "Everything, especially the quishy ball!"

Birthday: July 16,2003 
Class: Liberty Elementary 
Grade: 3rd 
Favorite Food: Pizza 
Favorite Subject in school: Social Studies 
Hobbies & Sports: Yoga & Basketball 
Loves to read: Comic books 
Favorite thing to do: Watch TV & Read 
Favorite thing about Yogi Kids classes: "I love partner poses and that we do lots and lots of stuff."


Birthday: Feb. 23rd

Class: Sonshine Kids

Favorite Pose: Down Dog

Favorite Food: Blueberries

Favorite thing to do: Play Wii

What I like best about Yogi Kids: "I like the yoga games."

Jessica Langridge

Birthdate: 2/2/2000

Class: Liberty Elementary Wednesday Class

Favorite Yoga Pose: Side Angle

Favorite Food: Cheese Burgers

Favorite Subject: Math

Sport of Choice: Soccer

Favorite Thing to do: Play soccer

What I like best about Yogi Kids classes: "It feels awesome!"

Ava & Aditi

Birthday: Aug.16th 
Favorite Food- Spaghetti 
Favorite Subject in school- Recess 
Favorite Sport- Soccer 
Favorite thing to do- Read! 
Favorite Yoga Pose- Gazelle

Birthday: May 4th 
Favorite Food- ice cream 
Favorite Subject in school- Math 
Favorite Sport - Tennis 
Favorite thing to do- Play with friends 
Favorite Yoga Pose- Gazelle


Bridlewood Elementary

Favorite Yoga Pose: Twisted Chair

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Favorite Subject: Math & Social Studies

Sports: Soccer & Gymnastics

Favorite thing to do: Swim


Fav. Color: Orange

Fav. Food: Ice cream

Fav. Movie/Show: Star Wars

Fav. Yoga Pose: Lizard on the Rock!

Fav. Chore: Cleaning up my room

Fav. Sport: Soccer & baseball

When I grow Up I want to be.... A car salesman!

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