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Owner and Founder

A long, long time ago, BK (before kids) I taught elementary school and loved it. When all three girls came along in just 18 months it was definitely not an option anymore. I loved staying home but never gave up teaching; Sunday school, tutoring, summer school, preschool PE, and now YOGA! Yogi Kids is my newest venture, allowing me to do what I love (teaching & yoga) with kids. It also allows me the flexibility to work and be around for my kiddos!

As a mom of little yogis I realized how important exercise and a healthy, well balanced diet are for young growing bodies. I have been blessed with three girls who will grow into women someday. As women we often get caught up in the ideal body. Yoga allows you to exercise in a non competitive, non judgmental way. Knowing that everyone's body is different and to respect yours is a valuable lesson to teach kids.

Yoga for kids nurtures children's inner-strength, confidence, and self esteem as well as love for one's self, inside and out. As a teacher the benefits of yoga for kids are priceless! Yoga reduces stress and anxiety, improves concentration and focus, and develops creativity and imagination. Who doesn't need help countering the pressure of this hurry-up world we all live in? I'm excited and extremely honored to be able to give such great gifts to 'my yogi kids'.


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