It's about more than yoga.

Yoga, Pilates, Dance Fitness and more -- All leading to a healthy lifestyle.

In our hurry up and over scheduled world, our kiddos suffer from more stress and anxiety than ever before. Anxiety disorders are the most common of childhood disorders affecting at least 13% of America’s youth. Yoga for kids reduces stress and anxiety and boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Yogi Kids offers a wide range of events for you and your kids! We offer after school programs, child daycare, birthday parties, summer camps, playdates, academic opportunities, sports team classes, adult yoga/pilates/zumba/tai chi, and much more!


"Great workouts and fun environment. But more than that it's a great village of women to share and laugh with. And my kiddo loves going to childcare and never wants to leave, it's more than just play he learns all kinds of things while he's there."

—  Stacee De La Bastide