Your whole team can reap the physical benefits of yoga!

A customized yoga session working the key muscles for any of the following sports team!
Here's what yoga can do for your athletes:

  • Highten Stamina

  • Improve Balance 

  • Increase Felxibility

  • Reduce Risk of Sports Related Injuries

  • Build Core Strength

  • Improve Focus

Classes are customized for your sport, age group, and any special needs!
Contact us for a consultation and to add your team to the calendar!


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Fit Family, the home of Yogi kids, welcomes all to our family. In the hustle bustle world of today, our kiddos are suffering from anxiety and stress more than ever before.


Here at Yogi Kids we use yoga to reduce stress and anxiety for our little ones. But we don't stop there! We offer the benefits of yoga to everyone in the family with our adult classes. 


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