Gentle Yoga

This slower-paced class is perfect for those with mobility issues and beginners. It strengthens and stretches muscles, gaining flexibility and range of motion while being easy on the joints.

Iron Yoga

Combination of yoga inspired movements and free weights for increased muscle endurance while building strength, stamina and flexibility. (Free weights in 2, 3 & 5 lbs also optional!)

Pilates Barre

This class is a great workout for all levels! This fat-burning, low impact workout will strengthen and tone the entire body giving you a toned, longer, leaner physique! We incorporate the barre, light weights and other props.


This unique blend of Pilates and Yoga is designed to build strength, gain flexibility and conditioning. Try it once and you'll be hooked!

Bollywood X

Join us for a fun fitness dance class that is great for burning calories and getting your cardio in. Burn over 600 calories in under an hour. Tennis shoes required. 

Tummy & Butt

Tummy and butt, not a girl's best asset after kids. This works the cores and glutes to the max to achieve a little less jiggle! Tennis shoes required. 

Power Yoga

This class will help build strength, flexibility, balance, focus, and endurance while toning and sculpting the entire body. It detoxifies and cleanses the body while calming the mind.

Restorative Yoga

This class is perfect for beginners, people who are recovering or living with injury or illness, or anyone who may need to calm the mind and body. IT's the perfect blend of restorative, gentle, breathing and guided meditation.

Slow Flow

Take it slow with this gentle and basic approach to yoga. This class with its longer holds and more grounding postures is a nice place for beginners, or athletes who need to slow down. This class will concentrate on the basic postures, hip openers, forward folds and restorative stretching to release stress.

Yin Yoga

A yoga class that everyone needs! Fewer poses
held longer targets the connective tissues, joints, ligaments, & even our bones! This class will increase circulation in the
joints and improve flexibility as the poses stretch and
exercise the bone and joint areas.

Yin Yang Yoga

A variation of the Yin yoga class incorporating myofascial release and gentle movement. .



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Fit Family, the home of Yogi kids, welcomes all to our family. In the hustle bustle world of today, our kiddos are suffering from anxiety and stress more than ever before.


Here at Yogi Kids we use yoga to reduce stress and anxiety for our little ones. But we don't stop there! We offer the benefits of yoga to everyone in the family with our adult classes. 


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